Monday, September 28, 2009

Following Spring

A new season is coming and as I feel it around looking at the nature, the growth of new flowers and plants and seeds I feel the growth of my little one, too.

And I´m loving every minute in this new land, sharing with the beloved family and knowing new people , picking blackberries ...
She seems to greet each day with so much joy and this weekend was very special with our family visiting us at our new home, she showed us so much excitement and happiness on her face.

Yesterday we discovered a new place to go near our home and I guess we´ll be good to go for at least three days a week ( plus weekend) for blackberry picking!

Having so much fun!

At there´s a pond

I don´t know flower´s names so if someone does, please tell me which one is this beautiful one...

A little bit of peace among the trees

Finally at home to make some "blackberry jam", yummy!

Each time I take pictures I feel her hands are bigger!

Wishing you a wonderful week


Friday, September 25, 2009

Corners of our home

It´s Camila´s new place to draw , paint and get inspired, actually she does everywhere but I had to choose one spot for her so we can concentrate all the material right there. She enjoys making collage so lots of magazines are unders this table!

The " living, drawing, playing piano , coffee drinking room" , all in one place!

Resting place, a tatami and a sofa... and toys, for sure!

From our bedroom window we see these trees with some flowers. Spring is coming and we are all excited!

The first guests are coming tomorrow ( my two sisters in law and my mother in law) and one of them will have this place to have sweet dreams and the other one will be hosted by Camila in her own room. The third guest? Well, we´ll find out something until then...

This bedcover was handmade crocheted by Camila´s aunt Marta who is very talented and she is coming tomorrow to visit us. Welcome!!!

Enjoy your weekend , cook something delicious, stay at home, read a good book , meet friends, go to a musical concert... Well, I´ll try to do that, what are your plans for this weekend?


Three ladies

With auntie and her cousin, they have a lot in common: beautiful eyes, happiness in their soul and purple color!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Day after day...

She was getting things out of the box and we found an old Japanese "Tai Yaki" pan, so this morning we had it with maple syrup! yummy!!!!

She loves eggs!

Would you like some Tai yaki and eggs????

Singing ...

A tiny bromelia in the woods...

Another bird, admiring, looking at the morning ...


We´ve been living here for one week, our new home , a beautiful , windy and cozy place that now we call home.
I´m still getting mad with so many boxes and stuff everywhere and I will need some time to get all set, but in the meantime I´ll be posting here what we´ve been doing , in the middle of the silence, lots of green leaves, flowers and chilly evening breeze.
The day we´ve moved, Camila got entertained by all those madness, men carrying furniture, boxes, big ones, small ones, at least she had a place to play.
And the next day we woke up early to see how was our new morning scene, sitting on the Adirondack chair that I love so much, I took some pictures that you see here.
Birds fly and sing all the time and ones are busy , others just stand on a branch and sing, sing, sing...
I absolutely like this new home!And Spring is almost here!!!

Wishing you a lovely start of weekend!


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Revealing secrets

I could say that this is not the best part and I really don´t like it... paint, mess, noise everywhere!

Part of the secret I´ve kept for months: the living room

Some candies for our new co-workers !

I´ve been keeping a secret to myself since June , a big one, that means I´ve kept it for almost 3 months but now the day for revealing has arrived.

We bought a NEW HOUSE!

And finally we´ve got the KEYS!!!

So I´m pretty busy right now, surrounded by lots of boxes, wrapping stuff, no place to walk and a head full of new projects, ideas, worries, fears, happiness , all mixed up!!!

We are moving to a bigger house , I mean not sooo BIG but, big! And we are all very excited and since we´ve got the keys, people have been working there, repairing, painting, gardening and I ´ll be there to put some order so what I want to say here is that , if I don´t post for some days, please don´t worry because I´ll be back soon, with lots of photos of the new home .

I ´m sorry for the shots posted here, they are not inviting to look at, there´s a mess, it ´s scary, isnt´it?!!!!

Wishing you warm days and a fantastic weekend,

see you around!