Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pic nic dinner

 Spring is just around the corner and I just love the idea of going outside and have a Pic Nic Dinner party!!!
Kids are at school right now and I´ve just prepared some easy and simple things for our pic nic :

                                          ::  Carrots, Tuna Sandwich and seedless grapes

:: Apples , Bubbles to play in the yard and Cheese Sticks, delicious!!       

 :: Now it´s all packaged, I added some water and juice because, boy, it´s hot today!!

Oh,  I wanted to show you guys  this cute little monkey that came up in the woods while we were picking some wild berries. Actually we ´ve got pretty scared when it came out from the leaves of the tree, you should´ve seen our faces!!

Well, I´ll pick up my kids in a few minutes and I will tell them about our dinner plan , I hope they have lots of fun playing and eating together outside our house, sometimes it´s nice to do something different, right?  Simple but different...

So, if you do something interesting in your ordinary days, please share it with me , I´d love to hear about your dinner plans!!