Saturday, March 14, 2009

Autumn inspiration

As Autumn approaches it feels something nostalgic and comforting, the sunlight outside is different and so beautiful and I think it´s such a beautiful season that brings brown, bronze colors back to my life, my work, my home.
A new project, a mini quilt that will be hung on the door of my new sewing studio saying: "Welcome" and it has some autumn leaves and a bird on the bottom. I´m pretty excited making this because I loved the color and the design of the fabrics , I´ve just finished embroidering it . I´ll finish quilting and batting on Monday at my second "patchwork and sewing class".
Oh, and let me show you my sewing box, messy and full of treasures I adore!!!
I wish I could stay home today, just organizing my sewing stuff to move to the other place and playing with my kid but probably it won´t be possible because of the thousand things we have next week and least we can dream, can´t we?
Wishing you all the good things for this weekend, take a nap or cook with your family and friends, read a book, have a cup of coffee, if you can a Starbucks Coffee and think about me while doing it!

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