Monday, April 06, 2009

A new beginning!

I´m sorry guys for all these days out of here, from writing, from taking photographs and so on and so forth... I´ve been very very busy moving my furniture, my sewing stuff and everything else to my new space. I mean, our new space because now we have three new spaces beside our home. One is Edu´s studying room, the other is Elephant´s Club named by Camila for her new art corner ( that´s in the kitchen) and my new sewing studio,yay!!! Almost ready!!!
So these are the pictures , before and after but the after will be changed a lot, I have to work to get the things on the right place, very handy and with good light for the nights I intend to work sewing.
I guess I need more drawers and shelves... for all my treasured fabrics!
But today I feel so lazy, after so many weeks of working , organizing, moving, I´m really tired...
But happy I am for all these new happenings in my life! So let´s start this week with pleasure , happiness and hope in our hearts and lives, ok? And I´ll slow down for my sanity...

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