Thursday, December 31, 2009

Postcards from the US - Day 7

It´s almost New Year!!!
Sometimes I can' t believe the human ability for thinking, engineering and constructing such huge architectural things . These bridges are amazing for its size and for its beauty.

My daughter's new pet, a stuffed sea lion that her grandpa gave her, she is totally in love with it and carries with her everywhere she goes.

She helps a lot with the baggage!

Dad! What are you doing!!!!!
Phew! We took almost half an hour to get in this interesting attraction : The Exploratorium

This is the kind of attraction Camila loves where she can interact and learn about science and art, explore and understand how things work, education projects are displayed in every corner and it is really incredible!

Outside you will find a beautiful park and these astonishing architecture work.


Postcards from the US - Day 6

And here we are in San Francisco!

The foggy , mysterious but yet romantic ...

Then suddenly the shy blue sky appears from the clouds...

And typical colorful houses of San Francisco appears on the streets hiding secrets from the baywindows...

More lion seals to entertain kids! And their barking are so fun!

Lunch time, yummy, this time it was quite expensive but worthy!!!

Just a short visit to Sausalito, a beautiful town .

There are tourists everywhere and I could listen to some Portuguese language been spoken, yes, there are thousands of Brazilian tourists up here!!

And tomorrow we will still be here , see you!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Postcards from the US - Day 5

Carmel by the sea.
A beautiful and unique village touched by the elegance of art galleries, bakeries and cafes that keep timeless memories .
When we arrived there the cloudy sky was misterious and the beach was bathed by the Pacific breeze.
Many Inns have ocean views and private balconies surrounded by pine trees and fresh air. I would love to stay there someday...

Santa Cruz , CA , close to the harbor - we met these seals , ones looking at us, others playing or even sleeping under the grey sky, it began raining and we ran into the car but for our little one, it was the most amazing happening of the day!

We finally arrived at the hotel , starving and we decided to go close to it and thanks to the GPS ( which I wouldn´t be able to go anywhere without it, anymore) we found out this Japanese Restaurant and we were delighted by the Sashimi ( raw fish) and other special dishes that were served.

Wishing you all a beautiful day tomorrow, I will try to sleep a little to spend another day now in San Francisco.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Postcards from the US - Day 4

Monterey Bay Aquarium - the most amazing maritime creatures preservation place where they show the important connection between human being and nature and the special care for kids that can touch the creatures, they learn through experiences and the sea otters are really cool!

A walk nearby is a great thing to do and we found a good , delicious place to have lunch looking at the sea and take a time just to think about what to do next!

And while waiting for the food she had to update her journal describing the animals she´s seen these days...

This dish was pretty amazing! Salmon with shrimp with oyster sauce and rice, yummy, would have another one!


Postcards from the US - Day 3

Santa Barbara is the most beautiful place in the Californian Coast with its nature, perfect climate and friendly people.

We also have been amazed by the food .

And a visitor came by near the restaurant: a seal, so cute!

and lots of pelicans, a whole family right there out of the window, flying with their long wings and taking the fisherman´s fish away...

This was the restaurant´s window view

Walking and trying to get closer to Santa Barbara´s life

then leaving and going to Solvgang , a Danish village in the mountains full of history , H C Andersen memories, gift shops and chocolateries...

A very typical town where we stayed for 1 hour and we looked around , had some hot coffee served with danish rolls to warm our soul ...

... took some pictures and since we had a long way up to Monterey we left the town ,

and we went on the road again!

We saw some elephant seals on the beach, so amazing! Then we made a pit stop in the middle of the mountains called Ragged Point...

and passed through beautiful landscapes, spectacular views in Big Sur and finally we got to our next hotel destination at Marina , Monterey by the Bay. Unfortunately we didn´t stop at Nepenthe because of the weather , it was very rainy and it was getting dark and we were a little bit tired so we was desperately seeking for a comfort bed... Maybe next time.


Postcards from the US - Day 2

The second day in California was under a chilly breeze but a warm sun and the day was perfect for travelling , hop on and hop off our rented car to see the interesting places we always wanted to see such as...

the end of the Route 66!!!!! Yay, finally we´ve got here!!!!

Blue sky reflecting on the calm , lazy sea...

after Christmas day , everything is asleep...

and this little girl found out a new favorite> churros!!! just like mom!


Postcards from US - Day 1

Hi there!!! We have been to Disneyland in Los Angeles and it was amazing when we saw the Parade, so exciting and so magical!

Merry Christmas for everyone, from Mickey and Walt Disney!

I am sorry I didn´t post for a while, now I´ll try to update little by little but sometimes traveling is so exciting that when we get back to the hotel at night I just want to get some sleep...zzzzzz.....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas sharing good inspiring and unforgettable moments with family and friends.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Here and there

The sounds of the children playing, laughing, climbing stairs, jumping and making noise makes me feel so alive and so amazed and blessed. They live the present and that´s what matters.

Yesterday I found myself staring at them and I felt the happiness of being there, with them, it was a special moment that we all shared ...

Last week, at home: piles of dishes and clothes were waiting for me every day...

and then something good happened when I went to visit my friend and she accepted some of my creations to be sold at her shop

a world of magic and creativity, imagination and interesting toys ...

It´s so good to be home in a quiet corner and look at little things that we collected after years from rocks, Christmas crafts, swaps , anything ... so many stories to tell and lots of joy!

In the morning the silence inspires me to take some pictures , randomly , here and there . I try to capture the beauty of the simple things around my home...

The baby quilt that finally has been finished and sent to a beautiful new baby girl...

and back into the living room , into the comfort of the Christmas season that has so many beautiful meanings for me.
This Christmas tree brings me lots of memories : special moments, friendship, family meetings , ornaments made by close friends... I really love this time of the year! And I hope you have some peaceful moment for yourself, for your family and friends.