Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Rain and then the Sun!

A week of cloudy rainy days... But a good week because I´ve met old friends at the Christmas Craft Bazaar my dear friend Bia held in her studio full of good vibration , harmony and beautiful trees around the house.And of course, lots of handmade craft made by talented artists, pottery, paper goods , bags and fabric stuff.

Inside the Studio , Camila went with me and so did baby César.

And on Sunday the sun appeared to enrich our day spent with my Dad.
Baby César was very happy, odiitchan ( Grandpa) played with him and he laughed hysterically!

Baby César and Edu

We went to São Roque and Camila took the chair lift with her Dad and admired the small town from the lift. " I hate heights so... no thank you, I´ll stay here to take a picture of you two."

I´ll be back in this space maybe next week, there are lots of things to be done here, right now . So, I´ll leave you now wishing you lots of happiness and joy in this Christmas season!