Friday, February 26, 2010

Good old memories

As I walked into the living room I could smell the sweet cookies mom was baking .
She used to make them not for special moments but when she had time to stay home , she was a piano teacher and she worked a lot that time, when I was 5 or 6.
Last week I went to my parents house and my dad gave me this old kitchen scale that reminds me those good old times... Nowadays mom has a new and good one, smaller and lighter. Vintage stuff is what I love and this one means so much to me that now I have it on my kitchen window sill.
And when I look at it, I still can smell the cookies...

It may look an ordinary eraser, anyway they are special to me because I like the touch and this salmon colored one looks so... vintage!
The Unbrella ( yes, with N!!!) came from Japan a looong time ago and I don´t know why I have been keeping it, I just like it!
The white one is new and I have to confess, it´s something obsessive , I bought a box with 20 of them!!! don´t ask me why...

Inside the kitchen drawer I have these very useful kitchen towels and I love them for their details, RED details , the embroidered ones that my mother in law made to me, I use them every day so I must treat them well. The more you use them they get better!

Oh, I even don´t know how to draw a decent circle but it doesn´t matter, I love collecting pastel crayons, pencils, watercolour pencils, I adore the metal pencil cases as I open it I can smell those special crayon perfume.

Am I the only one with these obsessions or are you the kind that collect something weird or ordinary or different?
These were just a few to name because I ´ve got lots of collections and maybe I´ll post here any other day...

until then, I hope you enjoy your weekend and try to look around, maybe you haven´t noticed you have collected rocks, bookmarks, old recipes, perfume boxes, whatever... it´s an interesting thing to do, to share with us, with your son or just to yourself.