Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Days

 It´s getting chilly at the end of the day as we enter Fall and the sun goes away at 6PM, too early, isn´t it? So we try to spend our day outside and feel the warm sun as you see on this post, we´ve visited a farm that´s about 1 hour from our home , it´s a place for kids, absolutely for kids!

We saw cute pigs and bunnies...
 and goats that I wanted to take home with me...

 do you know this one? coffee!

 And I forgot to tell you , Camila is really afraid of chickens and as we entered the farm , there were lots of them surrounding us and she screamed, shouted and cried and she wanted to go home just that very moment!! But I tried to calm her down but you can still see her face here:
 Later on, we walked to the small playground in front of the restaurant and everything was okay, she played with César and they had a great time together and the best part: I could eat and have a nonstop talking to my husband, something very rare in our meal times!
 Here´s the little boy, fun, fun, fun!
 And no more chicken around, smiling!
 Oh, and on my way a very cute bunny just appeared in front of me, click!

 Thank you for stopping by , it was a great pleasure sharing with you our weekend. Have a joyful week!!!