Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A weekend of gifts, prayer and love

This past weekend:

My husband´s cousin became Reverend Deacon of the Anglican Church and a beautiful ceremony was held in a beautiful chapel .

Many important people of the Anglican Church came to celebrate this ceremony...

And the new Reverend got flowers from Camila!

After the ceremony we had a wonderful and delicious tea time with all the visitors that came from other cities and the party was very entertaining!
Cute little people showed up!

And then on Monday... more good things happened!!!

Jacqueline from So cute it hurts had sent to me these amazing things that she sells on her cute Etsy Shop
Many kinds of Tea, so full of cute details, amazing material and the entire package was so incredibly wrapped that I HAD to take pictures !

I will keep them all because I feel that she makes every little thing with so much love and I really admire this talented crafty sweet lady! Thank you so much, Jacqueline!!!

And at night the surprise kept coming !!

My sweet little daughter made this pincushion for me with recycled material, wrapped in a paper she draw herself and of course, a pink ribbon for Mom!! Thank you , darling!!!

Wishing to all of you a great, inspiring day!!! Thank you for stopping by!