Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flea Market

This post is just to share with you some simple joy we had this Saturday at our condominium where a Flea Market was held at the social area, actually our first Flea Market!!!

We were very excited because Camila took all of her old clothes, toys and books to sell and I took some books , too.

A smiling face, just beside my table...

Selling and buying moments...

The market was just right beside the kids park and the kids had lots of fun while Moms were selling their stuff... hey, come back here and help your Mom!!!

It was a Saturday under the warmth of the autumn sun and among new friends that we made, nothing could be more perfect than this!

Today I am quite sleepy after all the joy of Saturday, we got home relieved for we ´ve sold almost everything ( yay!!!) and Camila went to the toy store to buy something she wanted a long time ago and yesterday she made enough money to buy it ( and still got some change) and she played all night long.

I can feel the signs of Autumn which I adore.
Inside : the smell of wood, fireplace, hot chocolate and muffins
Outside: Camila playing on the ground, leaves, delightful new colors of the earth

I think I really love this season of the year , quiet and perfect and as a new week begins I wish you all a warm and inspiring week, wherever you are, Autumn or Spring...