Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pic Nic Day

Looking outside the window, the sky was clear and blue inviting us for a delightful day spent in the garden that meant no TV and no chores for a while, today! Okay , before anything I had started my day using the washing machine, cooking breakfast, making this and that ...

She started playing on the ground with her cooking set , making lots of food to her stuffed animals and then we had this idea of having lunch with Pic Nic food, very simple but a Pic Nic is fun, easy, entertaining and feeling the warmth of the sun on the skin , looking at the leaves falling on the water and the touch of the breeze on our faces sounded irresistible!

:: what was served:

some organic fruit , "onigiri" ( which is a Japanese traditional food ) that we made ourselves and chicken nugets, just because we love them!!

This pic nic blanket was the first thing I made to this house when we were still moving into it and finally today we could use it properly and we bought this Homemade Apple Cake at the local organic farmer´s market that is also very yummy, with iced tea, it was delicious!

We ended up the Pic Nic moment laughing and talking and eating a lot!!! After that, some football and frisbee playing to keep our bodies working out!!

Wishing you a lovely day , we´ll be back in a few days after a small trip to Minas , love to you all!