Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seven months

Hi there!I am sorry I´ve been away from this space for a while... it´s been quite busy but finally
I can show you some pictures of my baby boy who turned 7 months last week!

And I´ve been taking some pictures around my house and after a rainy day the plants became so exuberant that my heart is so happy and I wanted to share with you.

Inside home I love these little birds that decorate my fireplace

It´s not a collection but I have a few birds everywhere and this pretty one in the nest is one of my favorite.

Tomorrow , the 12th it´s Children´s Day here in our country so I have big plans to play and do many funny stuff with my kids and for now I´ll leave you with this smiling boy´s picture.

Have a wonderful day and I wish you all a day full of enchantment, magic and smiles, lots of smiles!