Sunday, February 21, 2010

Out of doors

This cute bag with the puppy design was inspired here and here. She can carry her precious books , pencase and her favorite stuffed elephant seal in it.
Playing outside, feeling the fresh breeze on our face and walking barefoot feeling the grass, the cold stone floor under our feet , picking fruits from the trees, that´s what we´ve done yesterday and there´s nothing sweeter than these moments, oh, yes, there is. The fruits ( jaboticabas) are very sweet.

Wishing you had a sweet weekend!


What makes me happy

It´s a mystery and at the same time a magical thing that sewing means to me because it turns my very moment so peaceful and tender while I think only about what I am really doing, feeling the texture of the fabric or admiring the color of the thread. I wish I had more time to do this...

These portable kids playing set are really cool and they will be sent to a retailer and if I have a chance I´ll make more but for now, these are good!

Ready to be packed and maybe in a few days they´ll be in some pretty little ones hands that will play and draw and have a joyful day!

Have you too a beautiful day!