Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Summer sewing time

These are some photos from the last Friday that I was really excited about creating the pattern for these little funny faced monsters ( a commission for a local Toy Store) and I had lots of fun choosing the fabrics, stashes, the felt and the eyes… Oh , the eyes, we have to be careful with them, they say so much just with the look like we, humans do…

It feels it´s been ages since I was last in my sewing room but when I sat on the chair, it felt so good I could stay there for hours, even without a cup of coffee, can you believe that?

And with the new little monsters came a pillow case, country style that I enjoyed very much on sewing, I think it became very simple but I had so much pleasure doing the quilting sequences sitting on the couch, feeling the warmth of the summer and drinking some iced tea, doing my best to stay present in this season while also looking forward to the lovely autumn breeze.

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My life with umbrella

This is the one I carry in my car, all the time, my companion.

Do you know what I secretly love? UMBRELLAS! If I could I would ask for everyone an umbrella for my birthday but... that would sound stupid or wierd, isn´t it? What would I do with so many umbrellas in my life, in my house? ok,ok, shoes , bags , too!! I love them! But they are more usable, I guess... hmmm... men don´t understand, Edu will get into crisis if I buy one more pair of shoes,hahahaha! He is lucky that I am very straight with our money and I don´t go out spending on any wonderful, beautiful, unforgettable shoes and bags and umbrellas I find in the shops !
Well, I´m looking for some inspiration for my new work and my next project will be themed on umbrellas and I´ve found this amazing photograph on google search and I´m not sure about the copyrights but I´ll leave the source here :

Lately it´s been raining a lot and I confess, it´s my happiness that I can use my favorite one, a pink and brown umbrella , a beautiful combination that reminds me chocolate and MM´s !!!

See you around!

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