Monday, June 18, 2012

Gifts, gifts and more gifts!

 My brother has arrived from Japan some days ago and he met my dad that sent us so many gifts, food stuff, especially things to help me make Sushi, yay! And he sent a set for me and my daughter so she can learn how to make them. Well, I confess, first of all, I have to learn how to make it , hehe!
 Oh, and these ones : The stuffed dog , his name is Gromit was a gift from my brother to Camila and my dad sent her some more food for my daughter. She LOVES these Japanese yummy food!
 My gift was this book catalogue with a Handbag and a purse by Cath Kidston, I can´t believe it now it´s in my hands, or better say, on my shoulder, I simply love it! And the Ahmad Tea and Paddington Bear came from England from my brother.
 And here at home, baby César playing with my phone, he still doesn´t say a word... just some "sounds" ...
 And for breakfast I´ve been making Pancakes along with  bananas and our favorite topping: Maple Syrup , see the cute Winnie the Pooh jar? This was a gift from Andrea, my dear sister when we went to Japan and she bought it at Tokyo Disneyland for Camila.
And for a cold almost winter afternoon sometimes I make a coffee with cinnamon powder and "brigadeiro" that goes so well along with coffee!! Brigadeiro is a brazilian sweet made basically with condensed milk and cocoa powder , sooo good and it´s always kid´s parties favorite. It´s just hard not to eat more than one...

And thank you for coming here again, you mean a lot to me, really!
Have a wonderful week , with a sunshine in your house and lots of flowers and soft breeze , too!!