Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I´ve been working a lot these days but these busy moments were always filled by colors, texture, playing time and ...

... these tiny matrioska dolls inspired by a gift that came from Russia were my latest creation

Which now, are all stuffed and ready to be adopted !
Some of them are already in new homes, thank you!

And while I was sewing , she was playing alone near my working space , stood quiet

with her wooden toys and little Thomas train .

And outside in our little garden ,nature gives us this wonderful gift.
From this small white petals flowers...

comes Acerola fruit with its juicy , high vitamin C content and bright red colored fruit that´s cultivated widely here in our country , Brazil.

The juice is so refreshing in this hot summer days of December!

Just to explain, these photos were taken last weekend and I am sorry for the delay on my posts.
Here we are in December and I have lots of plans to my house, to our family, things to tell and exciting places to go... And I´ll post as much as I can to keep contact with all of you.
Thank you for reading and commenting here , I want you to know that your words encourage me and warms my heart so deeply in such a special way .

May your December be full of joy , love, creativity and inspiration. With much love,