Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ordinary days

 My desk is in the living room and in front of it I have this place I put all my collection of postcards from the Postcrossing Swap. It´s so exciting now because my little girl has subscribed herself and she´s received her first postcard with Winnie the Pooh on it!
 And in the same living room we share spaces like my baby boy that has his own toy box which I like so much playing with him for the lively colors , books to read and handmade shaking stuff.
 In the rainy afternoon we eat some bread with butter that melts in the mouth, yummy!
 And before going to bed, one picture for mama, please!
 and in the morning, the first thing this baby boy wants to do is to go play the piano, grandma will be so proud of him!!
Thanks for coming by and always leaving your comment means a lot to me! Have a wonderful week!

Friday, April 06, 2012

When we are together...

Sometimes we can se beautiful flowers just around the corner like these ones we found out near our house. They are everywhere and when I´m in a hurry I even don´t notice but when I want to really see what´s happening at the present time I see the beauty everywhere!

Yellow and green, the colors of our Brazilian flag, I love that!

Acerola fruit tree in my garden, so great to make some healthy juice, would you like some?

"I´m ready to go to the dentist,aaaah..."


Last week I met personally a lovely blogger friend Shi and then she told me about these places to visit and today I decided to go with my husband and the kids, we really love exploring new lands!!

This is a perfect place for kids , Fazendinha Santa Adélia, you can just lay down on the grass or take a walk and see some pretty animals like rabbits and sheep or poneys... Play at the playground where Camila absolutely loved this one.

Another smile before eating a yummy artichoke pastel.

And this day couldn´t be more perfect for me: trains !!! Did I tell you that I have a special crush on trains of all kinds? It was thrilling to see this at the end of our short trip on our way back home. Oh, and thank you Shi, your tips are so very welcome, we will keep exploring on our free days!!
The day has ended with our hearts full of joy and contentment especially because we spent this Friday together.

Let this joy of Easter may fill up your heart today and forever. Happy Easter to you and your family!