Friday, May 25, 2012

Birthday celebration

 Now I´m 42 , my birthday was last week ( May , 15th) and since then I have been surrounded by flowers , sweet messages, gifts and lovely moments!

 Have I told you that I kind of "collect " all kind of ribbons? Yes, I love the texture, its color and the possibility of reusing them , too.

 I can also decorate my fridge, how about that?  The pretty penguin was a gift from Sinhana, my dear talented crafty friend!

 Now to the food ::
My brother made an entire "Birthday Package" for me on that day , he cooked carefully my favorite food, paella, from Jamie Oliver´s recipe book! He also bought this beautiful and yummy birthday cake, too . Thank you Lucas, you are such a brother!

 I also have to tell you my love for Pyrex dishes, well, this one above is a Brazilian version that was made in the 60´s  ~ 70´s and every house had at least one set of this beautiful ware.
When I went to my mother in law´s house , she and my sisters in law gave me an entire collection they had in their cupboard and I confess, for me, this was one of the best present I got so far!!

And this was our dinner time celebration with my dearest family. I am so grateful for this funny, full of love  , supportive and smiling family, especially my dear patient husband!! I  love you!
And for all the blog readers, thank you for the kind comments on Facebook, e mails and so on and so forth, you make my day, really!!