Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It´s raining buttons! tutorial

As you already know, I am a button collector and these days I ´ve been thinking how to keep my favorite ones in a special place ... So I created this It´s Raining Buttons Cloud so I can hang it on my studio´s window and the sunlight shines on the colorful buttons that makes me smile and brings good feelings.
So, how about trying to make one of this?

Felt - 30 cm x 30 cm - white
Embroidery floss - blue
Buttons - from your collection, vintage, new, use what you have
Needles for embroidery floss
Cloud template ( draw and cut the paper) - draw yourself or ask a child, they make the best clouds ever!

Are you ready?
Cut out the cloud design on your felt , two pieces, pick up your best buttons, I took my favorite vintage buttons so I can have them all together hanging on my window and I can look at them all the time I ´m working in the studio.

Sew them on one piece of felt displaying two together or only one, it´s up to you to create here, this part, like others made me so happy!

In my project I put 3 strings of button drops falling from the cloud and I wanted two to be longer than the middle one that is shorter.
Here, I am showing you the first place to sew the button drops string.
Cut an embroidery floss, sew it to fix it and after that, start putting the buttons leaving some space from each other.

Using the needle pass the floss once through the button hole but if you desire, you may turn back and do it twice . Do it for all the buttons.

It will look like this.

This is how it will look with the 3 strings hanging on together.

It´s time to sew the hanging floss on the top of the two parts sewn together as shown above.

Is it well fixed? good!
Start sewing both parts together, and before you reach the end , about 5cm , leave a space so you can fill it with the stuffing.

I confess, I need some " Embroidery for Dummies" book for I can´t stitch anything but the running stitch , I gotta improve my skills...
So, when you finish it, it´s time for stuffing!

Fill the cloud the way you like, I prefer very soft so I didn´t fill too much.

Finish sewing and...
Here it is! This is my version for Candy Colors Drop, very colorful and fun!

This one is the Ocean Cloud, it´s very simple, monotone, only blue buttons that bring refreshing breeze...

I hope you enjoyed making it.

You may use is as a sachet or as a pincushion, give them to friends, family and I am sure they will love it!

Have fun!

With much love from Mina



sonia said...

it´s rainning days...aleluiaaaaaaaa

Lori ann said...

mina! you clever girl! i love these button clouds. i'm going to make one right away. thank you for the lovely tutorial. you are a doll. :)

Pil said...

Mona, so lovely idea! As button's collector myself i guess you give me a great inspiration to show them out as yours!


Ps: Have a nice and sweet Easter!

Kisses for you and your little one!


Vanessa Maurer said...

Aaaaa querida, eu amei esse tutorial... vou fazer com a Letícia... vou pedir para ela escolher quais os botões ela gosta mais! Depois lhe mostro! Beijocas

RunninL8 said...

SO fun! A great thing to make this wet time of year in Alaska! Now i know what to do with some of my Grandmas old bottons!

gardenmama said...

this is too cute!
what a great way to savor some of my vintage buttons! thank you for sharing such a lovely project : )

Mina said...

Sonia: Quanta chuva esses dias!!!

Lori: See? This is one of my collections and there are more hidden in my house! Thank you for your sweet words!

Patricia: Thank you! I hope you had a great Easter time with your family, too!

Van:Escolher os botões é realmente a melhor parte quando podemos fazê-lo com nossas pequenas! Depois me mostre se você fizer!

Mina said...

RunninL8: I think this is a special way to keep your favorite buttons!

Nicole: I´m so glad you liked it! Have a wonderful week!

lillalotta said...

Super sweet!

harumi said...

não sei o que adorei mais: se a nuvem fofa, se a sua fofura em compartilhar ou se o tutorial super-bem-explicado!
da harumi

jacqueline said...

Oh dearest Mina i am so in love wih your Raining Buttons Cloud!! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial with us! Yippe and hooray! The tutorial is so clear and the photos are such great help! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

✂ ✂ ✂ ✂ ✂ ✂ ✂ ✂ ✂ ✂ said...

Ai, Mina, que bom te rever aqui no blog! Súas palavras me deixaram muito feliz!!! Que bom que a nova sessão do blog te agradou! Muitas outras lindas imagens estão por vir! Grande beijo, Simone! ^^

Coisinhasdalili said...

Que lindo! Adorei! Pensei em fazer uma grandona pro quarto da minha filha! Suas fotos são lindas e seu trabalho também. E sua filha? É de verdade, ou é uma bonequinha? ;-)

Mina said...

Simone: Obrigada pela sua visita aqui, beijos!

Lili: Adoro nuvens, espero que vc. faça também! obrigada pela sua visita, beijos!