Thursday, April 08, 2010

Familiar sights

Walking down the road , near my house I could notice the beautiful contrast of the green background of Summer and signs of Fall popping out right in front of my eyes!! Yes, Fall, it´s almost here and I love that.
These days have been really busy and I just wanted some minutes just to stop, breath and feel the present, this very moment and to know what surrounds me and to see the beauty outside.
It´s normal that I only post good things because the opposite you can watch on TV news and newspapers everywhere... But sometimes I get really tired and I feel that I need a new perspective to keep going . I have a really blessed life and family that I treasure every little moment so I will keep posting interesting pictures and write down kind words so it can make a difference in your lives, nothing to make you feel down.

I´d sit there and I would read a good book but then... some crazy ducks appeared from nowhere and I got scared!!! I ran away...

Signs of nature
I love the texture and the perfection of this mushroom´s shape and color. So beautiful, isn´t it?

Tiny details of nature that fills my heart with joy

Fall is coming

My neighbor´s flowers that I like very much!

I simply love the color of this wall...

And this reminds me the Brazilian flag with Green and Golden yellow.

Yes, this is so perfect. I feel better now

Have a wonderful week!