Saturday, May 02, 2009

Just a few days off

Lica Cruz - Potter

Nilma Anchieta - art teacher and designer

Claudete Guitar - Art teacher and potter

Bia Camargo - Potter, educator , mosaic artist , studio owner.

Thank you for visiting , I am sorry for not posting for a long time but this week was really hard, I caught a cold ( not that pig thing, thank God!) plus I still had all the home chores, my daughter´s school which I am the driver , my English class, choir class, patchwork class, phew!
So I am far from my home, just trying to relax and get back to work for the next week where my friend Bia will open her house to the "Mother´s Day Event" with all these wonderful stuff I´m selling.

These last few days were very busy, I had so much work to do on the internet preparing things to sell on the Elo 7 Shop that´s now all set.
There are all my artist friends with lots of beautiful artwork to sell for the Mother´s Day, we created this title "Mulheres Impossíveis, Artes Possíveis" which means "Impossible Womand and their Possible Artwork" and I am responsible for the online sales and taking photographs which I used in the Shop. Please feel free to take a look, unfortunately the shop will allow us to sell only in our country. But maybe someday... we will sell internationally, wow!!!! What a dream!

So, people, I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend, it´s finally a little chilly down here, take care yourselves and we´ll meet the next time, right here!

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