Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The days of doing nothing

Summer Christmas season, this happens here in Brazil with hot rainy days, lots of cold grape juices with lots of ice, too!
This is a picture I took when Camila was swimming in the pool and I was sitting with baby César by the pool, it was such a beautiful day.

Inside : precious Christmas greetings that we received from my lovely friends from all over the world, thank you so much for taking your time to write and send it by mail, we really appreciate it!

Camila and her lovely puppy that will come to live with us in a few days! We are all so very excited for this new member of the family!

And so is this little smiling baby !

Hoping you had a beautiful Christmas with your loved ones and I want to thank you for sharing your 2011 with me by posting your sweet comments that warmed me up along the year.

May your New Year of 2012 be full of love, joy, inspiration, sweet moments and happiness!!!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

A beautiful gift

So, we are all excited and counting down the Christmas Day and so is our little Rudolph!

And baby César is growing strong , healthy and full of energy, day after day!

A day of celebration , Akemi turned 3 , this little bright , shiny , smiling girl!!
Happy Birthday , little Me ( that´s how we call her) , you are an amazing sweet girl!

By the way, you see Camila by her side? She is so very scared of chickens, hens and anything with feathers that she really tried hard to smile and look that everything was okay!

And of course we had yummy food, this is the sweets party table! All made by my sisters in law that are very talented.

At the end of the party, baby César fell asleep in dad´s arms and I guess he was having sweet baby dreams... like milky chocolate or bananas falling from the sky?

Well, this was our weekend on the most simple and lovely way .

Wishing you joy and happiness with your family and friends for this week as we approach to Christmas day!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Rain and then the Sun!

A week of cloudy rainy days... But a good week because I´ve met old friends at the Christmas Craft Bazaar my dear friend Bia held in her studio full of good vibration , harmony and beautiful trees around the house.And of course, lots of handmade craft made by talented artists, pottery, paper goods , bags and fabric stuff.

Inside the Studio , Camila went with me and so did baby César.

And on Sunday the sun appeared to enrich our day spent with my Dad.
Baby César was very happy, odiitchan ( Grandpa) played with him and he laughed hysterically!

Baby César and Edu

We went to São Roque and Camila took the chair lift with her Dad and admired the small town from the lift. " I hate heights so... no thank you, I´ll stay here to take a picture of you two."

I´ll be back in this space maybe next week, there are lots of things to be done here, right now . So, I´ll leave you now wishing you lots of happiness and joy in this Christmas season!


Thursday, December 01, 2011

Welcome December!

These days I´ve been sewing some Christmas gifts and I wanted to share some pictures here with you because I really love this time of the year to meet old friends and to give thanks and also that feeling of renewal because of the coming of a new year.
This is my " treasure box" , a Japanese cookie box where I keep my ric racs and some old laces and each time I open it , well, I feel good!

On the table, some stuff I´ve been making...

This is a bookmark made of felt and scraps and my precious buttons

It´s a sweet little gift I´m making.

Oh, and now the good news!! Do you see the picture above?
Now she´s free again to jump and run and play !!
Thank you everyone that left kind messages on my last post.

Wishing you a happy December and lots of joy and fun at home with your family and your friends.