Saturday, October 29, 2011


Eleven years ago, in October the 28th we got married and this year is so special for us because we have a new member in our little family ; )) And we´ve been blessed for having great friends, a nice place to live with a wonderful view ( and wind as I wished so strongly...), a beautiful family and this time to celebrate. We are so greatful for everything that surrounds us and for your friendship , many of you, blog readers that became real friends.

We´ve celebrated eating what I love most: Paella

And for dessert I baked some banana cake that´s so very easy to make , I could bake it during my baby boy´s naptime and he doesn´t sleep that much...

And as a big present for myself, this book by Amanda Soule arrived just on time to celebrate this special occasion, I started reading it and it´s quite amazing how she writes about life and celebration . It´s a beautiful book with breathtaking pictures.

So now, I´ll get back to read my new book and I´ll leave you with our family´s picture taken yesterday before our dinner.

Thank you for stopping by and we wish you a wonderful weekend full of laughter , happiness and magic!


Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello! I hope you are doing well and you had a great weekend.
Yesterday we headed up to a little town called São Roque and we had a really great day together although we are all trying to forget we are sick! Last week was painful to all of us and finally we are getting better after lots of boxes of tissue paper, homeopathic medicine, visiting doctors and so on and so forth...
We deserved to have a great lunch, don´t you think?

Kids LOVE pasta!

And after lunch ...

Camila went to the chair lift with her dad because I am sooo scared of heights!And I had a baby to take care of.

Talking about heights...
Camila wanted some more adventure and climbed those high trees

... go little girl!
And on our way back home we stopped to buy some pumpkin and there are some pretty visitors at the local market, so pretty!

Some interesting tropical fruits in the box

Oranges and tangerines...

and of course> pumpkins!
Wishing you lots of joy to this new week ! Thank you for stopping by!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seven months

Hi there!I am sorry I´ve been away from this space for a while... it´s been quite busy but finally
I can show you some pictures of my baby boy who turned 7 months last week!

And I´ve been taking some pictures around my house and after a rainy day the plants became so exuberant that my heart is so happy and I wanted to share with you.

Inside home I love these little birds that decorate my fireplace

It´s not a collection but I have a few birds everywhere and this pretty one in the nest is one of my favorite.

Tomorrow , the 12th it´s Children´s Day here in our country so I have big plans to play and do many funny stuff with my kids and for now I´ll leave you with this smiling boy´s picture.

Have a wonderful day and I wish you all a day full of enchantment, magic and smiles, lots of smiles!