Friday, September 02, 2011

Happy 6 Months!

Hi everyone!
Last week little César completed 6 months and we celebrated with a small party at home, only the four of us.
I made some cupcakes using Sinhana´s pretty cupcake set that decorated our dinner table so wonderfully!

Some fingerfood...

Then I cooked some codfish and Camila made a little gift for her brother: a colorful mobile made with small bottle caps to hang on his crib.

And something from the nature to decorate our dinner table

And when Dad got back home we started our celebration and of course, baby had his delicious milk, on the table!

Vanessa sent me this beautiful candle holder made by her husband with recycled bin , isn´t it pretty?
Happy 6 months, baby César, we love you so so so so so much!!!
Thank you for celebrating with us and have a wonderful week, filled with lots of joy and inspiration.