Sunday, September 05, 2010

Family, home and more

These days of the end of winter have been very hot and the rain seems to be so far to fall... We ´ve been out of rain for almost two months and our garden needs some special care like above.

After all these garden watering she got all her clothes wet and she needed a real bath!

September for us means Mulberry picking season! Yesterday Camila went with her Dad and her grandma to do so and they got home , so happy , pink hands and a basket full of fresh mulberries!

Today I made some mulberry jam, yummy!!!

This weekend we had visitors in our home, our nephew grows organic tomatoes and these were great to make tomato sauce. Our kitchen was crowded and very busy this weekend!!! He bought to us some organic eggs , too.

These days have been very unusual ...
I had a funeral, a wedding , family people staying at our home , lots of talking and cooking ! Our dinner table had more people than the usual THREE ( or the almost FOUR) and the gathering , the talking , the blessing of being all together around the table was such a treasured moment for me. I felt a little bit of bliss here and there in every moment of these days.

Wishing a wonderful week with magical moments to all of you!!! Thank you for stopping by!