Monday, August 15, 2011

How about pink and blue?

This cute tiny little bag came out of my sewing studio after my daughter brought some shells and seeds from the beach last weekend and she asked me if I could make something that could keep them safe from baby hands and dust.
I´ve made these for her some years ago and I didn´t realize how fun and easy it was! So in a few minutes I made this one , I wouldn´t have enough time ( baby´s nap, you never know when he will wake up!) so I wrote down on a piece of fabric the name of the beach and date when she picked up the shells with a permanent pen and stitched its fabric on the bag .
She will be surprised today when she comes back from school!

I guess I chose this fabric for the many things pink and blue that I am surrounded of..

Flowers and...

oh, and these cute little baby toes!!!

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