Monday, May 17, 2010

40 and feeling good!

The Mad Hatter Tea Party that my little one and I made to celebrate my birthday.

May, 15th was my birthday and now I left my 39 years... I am 40 now!!!
Wow, I never thought it would come but I still remember my 18 years as if it was yesterday ...

Thank you for my lovely friends , blogger friends that called me or came up to say Hi! on the phone, at my house , e-mails and phone messages, I love you all and you mean so much to me!

All those presents, gifts and lovely cards, flowers that fills every corner of my house with beautiful colors and amazing scents, I don´t know how to express my gratitude.

Have a lovely , sunny week, I am so thrilled at this moment , I mean these days; that I wanted to share my feelings with you all.