Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I´ve been working

I´ve been making some things for my house, for my little one but this is the last creation of mine.
It´s made to keep my birthday cards, a pen and envelopes and stickers, that´s all I need to write a sweet card to go with a gift for friends of mine, Camila´s friends, oh, how I love giving gifts!
So this is perfect sized and I loved this bird fabric, isn´t it lovely?

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Healthy food

I´ve bought these Eda Mame ( soy beans) at the farmer´s market in Registro city .I must tell you, we love eating these so much! Camila helped me to pick them off and I cut and today I´ll cook them. It´s so quick and easy and sooo delicious! And it´s green!

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Swap received!

Look what the postman has just brought to me !
They all came from Mary from Puerto Rico , an adorable blogger who made a swap with me! I´m so excited with all these fabulous fabrics she ´s sent and the cahiers with the lovely fabric sewn details and the hair pin to Camila.
Thank you so much , Mary!

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