Saturday, October 29, 2011


Eleven years ago, in October the 28th we got married and this year is so special for us because we have a new member in our little family ; )) And we´ve been blessed for having great friends, a nice place to live with a wonderful view ( and wind as I wished so strongly...), a beautiful family and this time to celebrate. We are so greatful for everything that surrounds us and for your friendship , many of you, blog readers that became real friends.

We´ve celebrated eating what I love most: Paella

And for dessert I baked some banana cake that´s so very easy to make , I could bake it during my baby boy´s naptime and he doesn´t sleep that much...

And as a big present for myself, this book by Amanda Soule arrived just on time to celebrate this special occasion, I started reading it and it´s quite amazing how she writes about life and celebration . It´s a beautiful book with breathtaking pictures.

So now, I´ll get back to read my new book and I´ll leave you with our family´s picture taken yesterday before our dinner.

Thank you for stopping by and we wish you a wonderful weekend full of laughter , happiness and magic!