Sunday, April 18, 2010

Obsession or Inspiration?

This week I had a very few moment of sewing and that really drives me crazy because I have to do something to feel relaxed and motivated and crafting is so much fun, you know!
Button and Stitch: Supercute ways to use your button stash by Kristen Rask was a gift from my brother that came back from the United States and I have to confess, this book was on my table and the other time in my bag and it wouldn´t stop staring at me!
So I had to make a project from it that really inspired me and it turned to an obsession for one night and one morning.

I started picking the fabric scraps, some drawings that came up from my head , I dumped out the jar of buttons on the sewing table and the project started .
Bird themed project, because I have seen so many beautiful projects in the books and real birds flying near my house that I wanted to work on this theme.

I have to tell a little story: When I got pregnant the first thing I wanted to do was start making a journal notebook to tell how things transformed my life and since then I collected special letters and cards from friends, concert tickets and medical results, everything is glued and written in details in this notebook but the cover was a little damaged and I was really sad about that.

The project I decided to make was the book cover and it turned out like this!

And I will cherish every detail of the cover because I could put my favorite buttons on it and some fabrics that my friends gave to me , oh, I really love it!!!

This is going to be my daughter´s extra special gift when she grows up because I still have a lot to fill in the blank pages inside .

On the next week I will show you one more book that I am completely mad about and excited, by Cath Kidston , a book full of beautiful projects that´s been tempting me since its arrival ( another gift , now from my husband that made me this mail surprise! thank you so much!) and I am choosing some interesting project to show to you all!

Wishing you a very inspiring and motivating week to all of you!!!