Sunday, January 10, 2010

I couldn´t resist!

It´s really a hot day and I couldn´t almost sleep at night and staying at home today was too much so we decided having lunch out , Itu was the destination.
We had a super delightful food at this restaurant we use to go , they serve excelent meat and this is the perfect getaway when we want to eat out of town and stay close to the nature.

Hmmmm... I think it´s something in the air that brings happiness, hope and inspiration looking at these pictures...

We got home, Camila was out with her uncle and aunt , I felt kind of doing something with my fabrics, had some ideas in my mind , sketched some projects and I came out to this Notebook Hanging Pocket.

I am definitely terrible with drawings, see the squares???? Well, I just had to have some idea of the project so it worked out!

I love this fabric design and its pretty colors! I used it as the pocket fabric, then added some cotton lace and finished with this vintage navy blue button.

This is exactly what I needed, sometimes I don´t have the pen and paper to write down some quick notes found on the internet then this pretty accessible pocket is quite perfect, don´t you think?

The weight of the notebook holds firmly the hanging pocket and here you see an African pencil from Gana and a very pretty sketch book that my friend , potter and artist gave to me. Thank you Sossô!!!

And maybe this one will work out for kids , too... in their case: a lollipop , a favorite stuffed toy made by mom and some candies...

For Dad: glasses, remote control and the inseparable Iphone...

Well, until then, it´s MINE!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a lovely week!