Friday, October 16, 2009

A special award

I´ve just got this award from Lori, a woman that I admire for her kindness, love for nature, for her beautiful family and her stories around the world she travels and photographs.
So , now I feel very pleased to pass this on to this sisterhood we´re living day after day in this blogworld where I have made friends , good friends that maybe I will meet someday and others that maybe not but I do love and want to share and keep this friendship for a very long time. Thank you for visiting and leaving comments here in this little cyber corner and please spread this award ,( a special award created by Ces )to anyone that you admire, love, share good moments...

To my dearest friends: Lori, Andrea ( Sweet Bug) ,Amanda (Soule Mama), Nicole ( Garden Mamma), Vanessa Maurer, Beti Copetti, Celia Martins, Kaká, Érica, Nina, Jacqueline, Ana ( Sinhana) , Miki, Sossô , Bia , Carmen ( from Bahia) and all the followers on the sidebar, I really appreciate your connection and thank you , thank you so much to you all!!! Please have this award !!!

Warm wishes, have a brilliant weekend!