Friday, August 26, 2011

Crafty, messy!

This week I could finally finish some commission and I just have to send them , they are all
packed and ready to go!
And after this work at my studio, all I can see around me is a huge mess, I am so messy that I can´t believe my eyes!!
My little Miffy looks at all this horrible scene!

I just can´t show you the floor,haha!

But I ´ve got something to show you that it´s so great and useful when you don´t want to use buttons . Because I love buttons and I love keeping them in a cute storage bins =))

So here it is, directly from Japan, I brought some last year and it´s a velcro with a tape on the back and you just have to iron it ( no sewing needed!), isn´t it great?

I used and tested it for this bib I made for my little baby, it´s so fast and easy to attach that I am in love with it!!! And after washing, it´s still very clean and "glued", 100% approved!

Today we´re going out to send my commission and then we have all the weekend to spend doing whatever we want to, isnt´that exciting?

What are your plans for this weekend?