Saturday, June 30, 2012

Party time!

So, this is end of June , half the year has gone and I feel that we´ve done a lot of things this year!
This picture was taken near our house where there´s a magnificent tree and a playground that Camila used to go when she was a toddler but she still loves playing there.

 Have I told you that now little César is going to a day care? Here we call something like " nursery ", it´s before going to pre-school, right? It´s been 2 weeks he started going and I am pretty relieved for now I have some time for my own, take a loong bath without a boy knocking on the bathroom door or crying out calling me. And the good part, I ´ve spent my time with Camila that I missed so much. We´ve had lunch together talking a lot, walked in the shopping center just the two of us, this has really been special for me. And César is now in a good place with great teachers that I could spend an entire week together, telling them everything about the baby.
At the beginning it was pretty scary , leaving this little one to people I´ve never met but now I am very confident about their work, integrity and responsibility.

And here is his little school, it´s so pretty, looks like a small cottage and his "room" is inside this first window you see.

Today was the Festa Junina party and they´ve decorated with lots of pennants, we took typical food like corn cakes, pop corn, sweet rice, wine , juice, paçoca (peanuts sweet) and many other Brazilian sweets.
There were fishing corner for the little ones and then they danced the typical Festa Junina dance.

 Here we are, the three of us ( Camila spent her day with my brother and my sister in law). The day was splendid, the sun came out and blessed this Saturday with warmth and good energy everywhere!

Wishing you all the best and a wonderful Sunday!!! Enjoy your weekend, dear friends, wherever you are! And thank you for taking your time coming here, you really mean so much to me!