Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Welcome May!

I´ve been spending these Autumn days at home, cooking a lot, organizing and taking care of my little almost 2 month baby.

And outside I see the beautiful nature offering lots of amazing fruits , I wish I had more time to pick them all up and maybe make some jam and give to my friends... Well, not this time.

This is the view from my window, I can hear two or three blue birds ( I don´t know their names) playing or trying to get some juicy bite from the fruits, I like that!

Almost everyday there´s a blue sky that I wanted to take pictures so I can look at them at night and I can remember how great was this day...

The coconut tree is full of these little fruits and squirrels and birds share the food in the morning, peacefully...

And this little boy is growing day after day and I know I will miss every minute of these days...

Wishing you a lovely start to this beautiful month: May