Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First piano lesson

When my Mom told me she wanted to teach piano to Camila I was a little bit worried because of the language problem... Mom doesn´t speak Portuguese so well and Camila doesn´t speak Japanese ... But as my Sweet Bug friend said, "there are times that words come from our hearts" and she was so right.
It was a new experience to my daughter and she enjoyed having some time with her grandmother, only the two of them, playing piano together and I guess my Mom was very pleased , too!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Before the busy work...

A very carefully prepared tea...

... with some good friends and it´s all set.

This is my Tofu Strawberry which came from my dear friend Sweet Bug!

These pretty little candies was sent from my Dad who lives in Japan, yummy!
Thanks Papa!!

And I must tell you, I´m tired of so much rain!

But... I could find beauty in the raindrops.
I love macro lens ( Nikon 100mm , 2.8) and the Nikon D-200 , they are fantastic!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The latest things we´ve done...

My little girl holding another cute little one!

On the road, heading home...

Dinner at Chiado da Costela

Raindrops on the leaves, I like that!

Hey, look at your teeth, they are very very clean now!!!

Have a colorful week!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Perfect day

What can I call a daily perfection?
Hmmmm... this delicious food, my lunch that I prepared myself in a calm , cold and cloudy day which made me feel inspired and I had to cook!

This food is called in Portuguese: Polenta com Carne Moída which I printed from this website to put in my recipe personal cookbook because I enjoyed making it and its result was perfect, sooo good!

And after all the Polenta consumption lunch , I went to sewing my quilt which I called Maricota´s quilt because most of the scraps I used here came as a donation from my choir friends ( the Maricotas!) and they´ve turned to a very special quilt, all handmade by me with a hundred percent cotton fabric .

It may sound silly but I get strenght from this little ritual and these moments leaves me aware of this very present time, so full of good energy, handwork, peace , stillness and so much goodness!

And talking about goodness, these pretty buttons and fabrics , they came from a very special friend , very talented artist and ceramist that went to visit the US these past few days and she reminded of bringing these for me!Thank you Celia, from the bottom of my heart! And plus, I heart Mondays when I go to your cozy atelier to learn Patchwork!!!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Holidays - kid vs. rainy day

Nothing goes with rainy days better than indoor playing cards, jaboticaba fruits, tea, cheese bread (which we call Pão de Queijo) and some Pinhão, seeds from a Pine Tree called Araucária (Araucaria Angustifolia) which is a very typical food in these cold season and delicious!
And some watercolor painting inspired right here...

And I like to do lists, endless list because I´m a list maker... Here it goes, a part of it!

I´m listening and watching: on YouTube - The Holiday movie soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, amazing!

I´m feeling : sleepy , it´s almost 1 AM!

I´m resisting: the little Godiva chocolate box that I got yesterday from my brother... yum,yum!

I´m reading: Last child in the woods , by Richard Louv . For parents concerned with the future of childhood, it´s a book that will make you unplug yourself and will make you realize that nature can be as amazing, mysterious and powerful as any TV show or a video game .

I´m dreaming : with these wonderful photographs and its decoration ideas...

I´m wishing: you all much joy and love for this weekend!!!


Monday, July 06, 2009

Today is a special day!

I´ve been contemplating my own life with other eyes, new thoughts, old feelings turned into new, every little step I take has been different lately, I´ve been very scared about things that happened to us but this is a place that I would never put words that could not be comfortable for you to hear from me.
I believe that life gets better when we expect the best even though sometimes it shows you the opposite. I have faith, I´m a lucky person and I´ve had good feelings since then, I believe that when we look up there are so many beauty , wonder and tranquility that I should not complain.
I always thank for the health we all have, I thank for the house we live, the food on the table everyday, I thank for the old friends and the new ones...

Today is my Mom´s 78th birthday! Isn´t it wonderful??? Live with passion, love for music, surrounded by good friends, family , health , history, a life full of ups and downs but still, more ups!
I´d like to thank Mom for all these years she´s been taking care of this wonderful family and because of her we are so close, me and my brothers. Dad is far, in Japan but he remembered and called her today and that made her day!


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