Sunday, January 03, 2010

Postcards from the US - Day 9

Early in the morning we took a dense fog on the road but then suddenly a clear sky came out of nowhere and the trip sounded safer , phew!
The road is large and all the cars are so silent and no trucks, we could notice the difference and
contrast from my country, plus, drivers are so polite and respectful up here that we couldn´t even compare!
And pictures are so easy to take for the many interesting , picturesque things we find everywhere!

I think this is called the Pyramid Lakes, we could see from the road and the water looked silver colored reflecting the sunlight .
The same lake a little ahead on the road...

Then after hours of driving , it was lunchtime, our stomach were calling for FOOD!!!

So, near Six Flags we could find the Red Lobster and immediately we stopped by!

Can you believe this is the kid´s menu: Snow Crab Legs! Yummy, she ate them all!!!

Ok, now it´s my turn: Sample Shrimp with shrimp linguini alfredo, does it sound good?No, it was DELICIOUS !!!

Tell you more later, have a wonderful day!!