Monday, September 28, 2009

Following Spring

A new season is coming and as I feel it around looking at the nature, the growth of new flowers and plants and seeds I feel the growth of my little one, too.

And I´m loving every minute in this new land, sharing with the beloved family and knowing new people , picking blackberries ...
She seems to greet each day with so much joy and this weekend was very special with our family visiting us at our new home, she showed us so much excitement and happiness on her face.

Yesterday we discovered a new place to go near our home and I guess we´ll be good to go for at least three days a week ( plus weekend) for blackberry picking!

Having so much fun!

At there´s a pond

I don´t know flower´s names so if someone does, please tell me which one is this beautiful one...

A little bit of peace among the trees

Finally at home to make some "blackberry jam", yummy!

Each time I take pictures I feel her hands are bigger!

Wishing you a wonderful week