Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Comments CLOSED!

A BIG THANK YOU for everyone that took their time and left a comment here, I confess that I was a little blushed after having all these comments here!!!

My Random generator has just decided that Jennifer is the lucky reader who won this May 27 Giveaway!

BloggerHere´s her comment;

" Jennifer said...

My favorite color is pink! Thanks!

10:27 AM"

I´m participating in Giveaway Day over at Sew Mama Sew which starts May 27th and goes through May 31st.

If you are a crafter you will love visiting all the bloggers that will be listed on the site above, a wide universe of crafters is waiting for you!

All you have to do is to leave a comment here telling me what´s your favorite color and why.

The giveaway will be a package with fabrics, ric racs, vintage buttons, a pincushion and a few little tidbits sent to you as well ( which for now is a Surprise!!!!).

The winner will be chosen by random.org , so, on June 1st, come back and check it out !

It´s open for everyone worldwide!!!Good luck !!!

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Sewing afternoon

Sometimes I just feel like making something really quick and easy... and cute! This pattern was made inspired on this book: See and Sew by Tina Davis which is the most incredible and beautiful sewing book for children ( and adults as well!) . It´s a vibrant introduction to sewing plus , it doesn´t require a sewing machine or advanced skills, isn´t it great?
You also may be delighted with the vintage illustrations, so nostalgic while your child works on easy step by step projects from a strawberry pot holder to drawstring bags to keep their PJs!

We eat eggs almost every day and to put these cute egg cozies on the morning table is so attractive, isn´t it? It´s made by felt and button, you might try these one day... I like cute things that turn ordinary moments in a very special one, day after day...

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Morning Colors

The most beautiful weather in the whole world was today and the sky was so blue that I could stare for hours looking up... But we had so much to do down here that I stopped looking at the beauty of this Autumn.

This morning energy was so comforting that my little one painted with pink, blue and orange colors this little cardboard box that I would almost throw in the recycle center . She had lots of fun under the Autumn sun, quiet and taking her time...

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Of white clouds and blue skies

...I flow through Autumn’s riot of color like a blackbird with jeweled eyes spun
of earth sky and sea, not to find Winter’s death but seeking release
from the tired Summer’s hazy lethargy and pale green similitude.
I breathe the pure essence of Winter’s cold breath and drink greedily
as I climb silent hills drifting over sterile fields lit by the moon, covered with a silver veil...

Poem by Charles Lampert

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Monday, May 18, 2009

New Monday

Birthday presents!

A new Mug cup for an afternoon tea...

Reading is what I like to do but I haven´t had time to do so... but if I have 5 minutes in my life, I boil some water to make a tea and I run to open these kind of books that I love. A little bit of this, a little bit of that... well, that´s how I enjoy reading three, four, five books at once!

My brother gave these two for me on my Birthday, oh, he really knows what I enjoy! And today I could read some pages ! The Quilting Bible is fantastic!
And the Pretty Little Purses & Pouches is a great book for inspiration , new ideas and it features many talented quilters and crafters such as Laurraine Yuyama with those cute tea themed bags!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crafting with children

It´s a good way for a kid to see her drawing turned into something tridimensional and then they can play with these stuffed goods!

These two Camila made in one night , drawing on the white fabric with a fabric pen and helping me to choose the right buttons and the backing fabrics. Her mommy that comes to be me, had to sew quickly for her to play with them. Believe me , she was very excited with these monsters she created and we played a lot later on!

It´s getting dark here, it´s a chilly Sunday and I like it so much! Yesterday I could wear some long sleeve shirts , had to pull from the bottom of my drawer!!! yay!!!! isn´t it so cozy???? Well,I guess I´ll have a cup of cocoa now... excuse me, have a wonderful end of the day and a week full of sewing, crafting, cooking, sleeping, having fun and everything good!

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Happy Sunday

Chocolate semi-sweet cake

Crab Cakes

Octopus in olive oil

Chili with meat & Coleslaw

I´ve just had a fabulous lunchtime with my brother and sister in law at their apartment where they prepared themselves a delicious, yummy looking American style lunch.

Assembled Chili, Coleslaw and Rice

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Celebration weekend

Surprise party!

These few days I´ve been busy just celebrating my birthday which was on Friday, 15th. Yep, one more birthday filled with joy, happiness , health , love and ... lots of food!

It started in the morning after getting a bunch of kisses from husband and daughter, I went to my English class and they made me a surprise party!!!! Oh, it was amazing how happy I was and they brought English tea set with a delicious strawberry cake! Thank you girls!!!!

And then back home, mom called me to have lunch at her house so , I headed right to my Mom´s and Dad was there too to celebrate my 39th birthday!!!! And for dessert: strawberry cake!!

Then in the afternoon Clara called me to a coffee break and we went to Mystere du Chocolat near our house, an elegant chocolat shop with a few tables and good coffee.

Time to pick Camila up at school, back home and Edu arrived early ( why was that? =o)) And we wanted to each Japanese traditional food at Musashi, a very small and cozy restaurant at Pinheiros. It was so good , we ate like pigs! And Camila ate lots of sashimi ( tuna fish).

And I went to sleep so happy and feeling everything good but old!!!

Oh, and THANK YOU for everyone that called me, e-mailed me , left messages on my cell phone while I was having class or driving, sent me cards by traditional mail... thank you , I love you !!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My sacred corner

I have this tiny little corner at my house, it´s at the entrance of my room, a table with my dear violets ( the last one I got was from my daughter, from pre school, Mom´s Day gift) and on the table you see this beautiful wooden table lamp that was handmade by my grandfather and he gave it to me when I visited him in Japan a long time ago. He made bigger ones to his children ( my Dad and his sisters) and he did smaller ones like mine to his grandsons.
I go to this corner to feel his presence, to relax, to meditate looking at the flowers, it´s my sacred corner I wanted you to see.

Wishing you a day full of happiness!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sewing flowers

So our Autumn is not exactly what I expected, I confess... It´s been so hot but evenings are great, the chilly breeze is what I do enjoy! And then I HAVE to wear one of these that I´ve been making.
Actually I made 10 and they are already all sold out but, I have one for myself that I adore and it warms my neck!
I´m pretty inspired by Amy Karol , Soule Mama and some Japanese magazines with those fabulous photographs, thank God I don´t have to read anything!

How was Mother´s Day celebration? Mine was great, my little girl is so in love about writing that she wrote a cute card and made some art work to me, oh, I don´t know how much I love her, it´s such happiness that I can´t express. Being a Mom is the greatest gift I´ve ever had!

Hoping that the Autumn sunlight covers you with joy , have a peaceful week!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday, May 08, 2009

Making books

Last night after dinner we had some great time together, Dad didn´t go to jeep meeting for he had to work at home and we stayed near him ( as company and noise makers!!!) and I played the teacher and Camila my little student.

We decided to make books! So great , lots of fun! Believe me, kids love making their own books.

We listened to The Very Hungry Caterpillar with Eric Carle reading the book, it´s a special edition I bought that has a CD. Then we went straight to the art room, Elephant Club, and I cut some papers, put 2 holes in each one to bind at the end of the book making ( inspired by Susan G. K, thank you Susan , your free projects and templates are the best!)

Book 1 - She wrote her name,each page has a letter of her name and some other words that she tried to write on with the initial.

Book 2 - A story about us and Manu, her friend.The title is PARQUE ( Park)

Book 3 - A book about her favorite things: colors, place, teacher, numbers...

And she went to sleep so happy and full of new ideas!

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. We have to plan our Mother´s Day from now on...

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I´ve been working

I´ve been making some things for my house, for my little one but this is the last creation of mine.
It´s made to keep my birthday cards, a pen and envelopes and stickers, that´s all I need to write a sweet card to go with a gift for friends of mine, Camila´s friends, oh, how I love giving gifts!
So this is perfect sized and I loved this bird fabric, isn´t it lovely?

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Healthy food

I´ve bought these Eda Mame ( soy beans) at the farmer´s market in Registro city .I must tell you, we love eating these so much! Camila helped me to pick them off and I cut and today I´ll cook them. It´s so quick and easy and sooo delicious! And it´s green!

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Swap received!

Look what the postman has just brought to me !
They all came from Mary from Puerto Rico , an adorable blogger who made a swap with me! I´m so excited with all these fabulous fabrics she ´s sent and the cahiers with the lovely fabric sewn details and the hair pin to Camila.
Thank you so much , Mary!

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Scenes

A lonely bird watching the prairie ( and been watched...)

Bananas everywhere!

A wooden bridge, I love this!

Can you imagine the smell of these green leaves? Oh, so refreshing! I can feel that my soul is calm and relaxed!

Autumn scene

This is a good day for taking pictures, so I told my husband and after Camila went with her aunt Ive to her new house ( I guess my little one wants to take a bath in the new fabulous bathtub covered by all those bubbles, good smell and so on and so forth...) we went into our car and I could take these pictures to show you.
If you come by here, it´s surrounded by banana trees, wide rivers, different birds and lots of wonderful nature and today, the weather is so great, not so hot, not so cold, a little windy and sunny. I wish everyday was lile that!
And I wanted so much to see the buffalos I´ve seen another day but ... not today , sorry guys!
This is a very short post, so, enjoy the photographs and have a memorable Sunday!

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Just a few days off

Lica Cruz - Potter

Nilma Anchieta - art teacher and designer

Claudete Guitar - Art teacher and potter

Bia Camargo - Potter, educator , mosaic artist , studio owner.

Thank you for visiting , I am sorry for not posting for a long time but this week was really hard, I caught a cold ( not that pig thing, thank God!) plus I still had all the home chores, my daughter´s school which I am the driver , my English class, choir class, patchwork class, phew!
So I am far from my home, just trying to relax and get back to work for the next week where my friend Bia will open her house to the "Mother´s Day Event" with all these wonderful stuff I´m selling.

These last few days were very busy, I had so much work to do on the internet preparing things to sell on the Elo 7 Shop that´s now all set.
There are all my artist friends with lots of beautiful artwork to sell for the Mother´s Day, we created this title "Mulheres Impossíveis, Artes Possíveis" which means "Impossible Womand and their Possible Artwork" and I am responsible for the online sales and taking photographs which I used in the Shop. Please feel free to take a look, unfortunately the shop will allow us to sell only in our country. But maybe someday... we will sell internationally, wow!!!! What a dream!

So, people, I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend, it´s finally a little chilly down here, take care yourselves and we´ll meet the next time, right here!

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