Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gone fishing!

Look at these clouds, so beautiful...

Hey, look , my first fish!

And here it is, doesn´t it look like the clouds? but it´s sweet and it´s ... over!

New feelings of happiness I´ve seen on Camila´s eyes when she finally could catch little fishes at Maeda´s complex yesterday. We took my parents and they also had fun for the very beautiful weather, cool air that Dad needed and to see our little girl fishing and jumping and laughing out loud!
She took almost 16 and me? only 4, little ones... but it´s okay because these memories are the greatest, good food, Camila and her Dad playing together , no cell phones ringing, no computers, no games, just under the blue autumn sky, fresh breeze and photographs...

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slow Food

We went to Porto Cubatão near Cananéia city and it was an amazing day, the weather was great and the restaurant serving Sea Food , I couldn´t ask for anything else!


. raw oyster with lemon ( don´t ask me to eat this!)
. clams
. grilled fish
. green salad
. seafood rizotto
. japanese rice
. fried shrimps
. pirão ( typical Brazilian fish broth)
. ice cream ( thousand of choices!!)

It felt like I was in heaven, this is my idea of heaven!

Have a nice day!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

With a little time

This lovely tape , it came from Japan, from my dearest friend Sweet bug!

I´ve been using it a lot! Isn´t it the cutest thing, ever?

Supplies, supplies...

Haberdashery, I love this word!

I´ve been trying to sew at least twice a week which has been impossible for the thousands of chores and work I had these days, phew, I wish I had more time for it!!
Today I had this little time , from 3 to 5 PM and I could sit , breath and make some aprons and other stuff. Oh, how I love the sound of the sewing machine, my new rotary cutter all floral and to listening to good music!
I wish you all have a great weekend and please, try to take some time just for you, will ya?

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Since 1929!

That´s right, this very simple restaurant is one of our favorite in town , it´s in the center of São Paulo city but, boy, the neighborhood is a little bit scary, creepy people... but the food is absolutely fantastic!! It used to be called Filet do Moraes but now I see they changed to Rei do Filet and they have this traditional meat with garlic and brocoli but first you should try the codfish appetizer, yummy, so good! This one we asked served two people and it was 260 grs. of delicious meat!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sacred mornings


Bread and Butter, melting... yummy!

Minas cheese

I think that breakfast is sacred for you can change your humour by eating something very delicious like papaya that I do eat every day, every morning and when I don´t have it, it sounds that something is missing.

I love cheese, especially these ones called queijo de Minas ( Minas Gerais is a state down in Brazil where I was born) and it´s light, good for diets! I´m always on diet!

When I feel very hungry then I cook some pancakes just to use Maple Syrup , this one was bought in Maine, oh, I love this one! It´s so tasty and it makes the difference in any pancake! Camila loves , too! And the smell of it, it´s de-li-cious!

So today´s post was about food! I´m getting hungry now, it´s tea time so excuse me, I´m heading straight to the kitchen! Oh, I forgot, I´m on diet...

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sitting on this chair...

This afternoon, I sat on this chair ( with a suitcase full of fabrics to be organized, yes, I´m lazy!) covered by this cute vintage design fabric that I love , love, love, from Goodness and I started looking around my new studio and found these four ramekins that I had bought some time ago, waiting for some transformation and tada! I´ve just remembered and old Handmade Zakka book my father had brought to me from Japan and made these pretty little ramekin pincushions.
It was fun to make them, so quick and easy and also I loved taking pictures of them, the sunlight that visited us into the studio through the window was so amazing!

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Easter Celebration Time

Hi everyone! How is it going, are you celebrating Easter? Well, I guess not in Japan right? Well, it´s okay, you have all those Spring flowers popping up in your cities, parks , streets...
I´ve just made this tiny rabbitt to my daughter and you can make this , too, it´s very easy and quick to make!! Look at this tutorial sent by Wee Wonderfuls and take a look at another fantastic tutorials she ´s made.
Have a nice day and a happy weekend!!!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

After school

Children love ART!!! And she had lots of fun making these masks, painting them and making Easter chocolate eggs at the English School. It began on Tuesday, they all prepared and made the chocolate decoration and today they wrapped and finished the carrot to hold the eggs.

Tomorrow we will eat codfish, I love the one my mom cooks, since I was a kid, the same taste, very salty but lots of potatoes and carrots in a soup!

Wishing you all a fantastic Easter celebration! And lots of chocolates to eat, oh My! what will it happen to my jeans????

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Don´t you just love this?

The morning sunlight is soft and I love watching the clothes been bathing by the sun... The breeze is so comforting , oh, I love Autumn...

Jaboticaba tree in front of Camila´s window, outside. Don´t they just look like snowflakes ? And suddenly they pop up becoming these little green sweet jaboticaba fruits! Pretty little moments that I admire in my life.

Erica is the name of this tiny beautiful flower. I love the name, I have a childhood friend named Erica who is delicate and beautiful , too!

Mother nature, always so perfect even in the simple things in the garden. It´s like heaven!

Old things remain everywhere around my house, they are filled by history, they have seen the rainy days and bright colored days since a long time ago...

Red, always red, I like metal objects painted in RED!

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Monday, April 06, 2009

A new beginning!

I´m sorry guys for all these days out of here, from writing, from taking photographs and so on and so forth... I´ve been very very busy moving my furniture, my sewing stuff and everything else to my new space. I mean, our new space because now we have three new spaces beside our home. One is Edu´s studying room, the other is Elephant´s Club named by Camila for her new art corner ( that´s in the kitchen) and my new sewing studio,yay!!! Almost ready!!!
So these are the pictures , before and after but the after will be changed a lot, I have to work to get the things on the right place, very handy and with good light for the nights I intend to work sewing.
I guess I need more drawers and shelves... for all my treasured fabrics!
But today I feel so lazy, after so many weeks of working , organizing, moving, I´m really tired...
But happy I am for all these new happenings in my life! So let´s start this week with pleasure , happiness and hope in our hearts and lives, ok? And I´ll slow down for my sanity...

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