Thursday, June 21, 2012

My favorite F : Family, Food, Fun!

 I always get thrilled when I see an old Steam Locomotive so I can imagine the journey it made, places it has been with so many people and then I wander the clothes these people used to wear, hats and suitcases...

 This train was made in the USA

A great fair called Festa das Nações was held on last Sunday and we could eat Russian, German, Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Portuguese food for a good price. I was looking for Russian food and it was delicious: the Piroshki and Dranik  that my baby boy loved trying.

outside:: lots of fun things for kids

 and for adults, too! Here you can see Camila and her dad having lots of fun, I remember driving this type of car when I was a child, have you ever tried before? They all drive like crazy people, I wish I could do this in real life, hehe!

 And to finish the post, the old train station at São Roque city , a very small town that we love to visit on weekends and it´s famous for the winery and fantastic nature scenery surrounded by trees, mountains and great restaurants.

Thank you for your special company , I hope you enjoyed this little trip as much as I did!
Have a great day!!!