Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 Resolution Number One

When I talked to Lori about our trip to California (and let me say that she was so very kind ) she sent to me a list of places to go and things to do and one of the interest activity was to buy postcards and we would send to ourselves ( to our home) and that sounded a great idea!

So, the first one came from Santa Barbara and I wrote down the first time my daughter saw an elephant seal and how excited it was, when she ate two churros before lunch at the pier and we had lots of fun looking at the weird, colorful themed caps and hats. It´s something we can share after we get home and then we can keep this memories forever .

Now, this is something I want to reveal for you!
I wanted to enroll in an e-course and now that I´m in I will tell you.
It´s about creativity, writing and photography through exercises, journaling and reading , it´s been very interesting and motivating for me to be focused on "seeing " the beauty in my daily life.

This is one of my list making which I had lots of fun!

This is where I sit and have my cup of coffee and start the day looking outside and I can see the garden, the beginning of a new day when the sun rises right in front of me and the birds fly from the trees looking for seeds to take back for the nest.

Keri Smith: This extraordinary artist has been suggested by Maddie and I did this little paper boat from this book.

And here is the fantastic e-course I´m telling you! Persisting Stars ~ Yes! by Madelyn Mulvaney

Here : good summer days!

Wishing : YOU, wherever you are, lots of fun, love, joy and good things !!!

Happy weekend!