Friday, July 13, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Postcards!

 Hi there!
Camila is on school holidays and we´ve been making lots of stuff here at our home, cooking, playing board games and making handmade postcards.
Here it is, we choose some interesting boxes all over the house, especially in the kitchen, there are the most colorful ones! And this one is from a cake mix, it´s very yummy but this time, we really want the box!

 We just need to cut a sheet of paper measuring 10cm x 15cm and I think that rounded corners are cute so we made some like this.
And after making a lot, we decided that we will choose 5 of them to send by (snail) mail for some of our blog readers!! So, just leave a comment and tell us what would you do on holidays when you´re at home, give us some ideas, tips, recipes , anything!
We will also choose great stamps to put on the postcard and we will send "worldwide",hehe!!!

So, good luck to you and thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!!

We will choose the 5 winners on July, 20th.