Monday, May 27, 2013



 Things that kids did on Saturday morning still wearing pjs, they played with trains and buttons

 And then off to the road ! The day was splendorous and I love Fall´s mountain landscapes so we took the kids to São Roque and we found this old cars event .

 This one is my favorite on white and red colors. Year: 1957

And the next one below is an ambulance, it´s huge, I wonder how the driver could drive it in the traffic...

 and look inside ... charming, isn´t it?
 I guess my Dad would love this one!

 And then when we got home we had visitors, César and Camila´s aunt  and cousins that dropped by but we really wished they had stayed for a few more hours... It was so fun to see all these kids playing together!

 cute faces!
A little drummer! How about that???

Oh, and these are a few things I saw near the old cars event. Lots of interesting stuff in boxes and more boxes!! Do you remember Topo Gigio?

I wish you all a great sunny week!! Thank you for stopping by!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Days

 It´s getting chilly at the end of the day as we enter Fall and the sun goes away at 6PM, too early, isn´t it? So we try to spend our day outside and feel the warm sun as you see on this post, we´ve visited a farm that´s about 1 hour from our home , it´s a place for kids, absolutely for kids!

We saw cute pigs and bunnies...
 and goats that I wanted to take home with me...

 do you know this one? coffee!

 And I forgot to tell you , Camila is really afraid of chickens and as we entered the farm , there were lots of them surrounding us and she screamed, shouted and cried and she wanted to go home just that very moment!! But I tried to calm her down but you can still see her face here:
 Later on, we walked to the small playground in front of the restaurant and everything was okay, she played with César and they had a great time together and the best part: I could eat and have a nonstop talking to my husband, something very rare in our meal times!
 Here´s the little boy, fun, fun, fun!
 And no more chicken around, smiling!
 Oh, and on my way a very cute bunny just appeared in front of me, click!

 Thank you for stopping by , it was a great pleasure sharing with you our weekend. Have a joyful week!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

She´s NINE!

Today is a very very special day , my "baby" girl turns to 9!
I just can´t believe how quickly time passes and how grown up she is and always being the same good girl, patient, loving, smart , making jokes and still jumping from the stairs!
Now she is a good sister, too! And I am so proud because she takes good care of her little brother even when he lets her angry she looks at me and tries to be patient.
Happy Birthday my special little girl, I love you so much! And I really wish I could have more time for you but you know, babies need more attention and sometimes I may look busy ( and almost always I am) but I really love you!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Just to say hi!

 Summer is still here in our home, our hearts , everywhere we go... I can feel and see the warmth of the season when I look at the watermelon piled on the farmer´s truck, the green leaves on the surrounding trees and when I feel the heat when I walk barefoot on the ground outside.

 Pears, peaches, oranges and apples : we have been eating them a lot!

 And daisies, don´t you love them?  They are so simple and adorable and I would love to send to each one of you , just to say thank you for being here and visiting me everytime!

Wishing you all the good things and also hoping you are enjoying your season, maybe it´s winter out there , well, please send  some fresh , chilly breeze for us, please!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I see (almost) every day

 How are you ? Here are some things that I see at home, in the playing room and in the living room, my daughter´s crayons ( and her brother´s curious hands...) , playing blocks , all so colorful and cute, I love them!

And outside, in the garden I am enchanted by this wild berry I´ve got from a special blog friend , Shi, it came in a small vase beautifully wrapped and now, you can see how gorgeous it is on the ground?!!! And I´ve already ate some berries, very yummy!!

 In the backyard I have this acerolas growing , plenty of them and after the rain, it grows much more and it´s something very healthy so, why not making some juice of them?

 Today we went to São Roque and Ibiúna and I bought some of these eggs, I love eggs!! These ones are sold in a supermarket that Shi told me, it´s close to her lovely house. They have so many interesting , wonderful and cheap things ... Small towns , I do love going there!

Camila wanted to eat some donuts and we went to a small Cafe in São Roque town called Café Donuts and while César was sleeping inside the car, I bought some donuts to go . Yes, I´ve ate it already with decaf coffee, here at home! yum!!

 Oh, and I bought at the supermarket some lettuce for dinner , the salad will be delicious tonight!!

 And when I arrived home, the postman had just left this postcard for me!!! It´s from the Netherlands, a postcrosser that sent me this adorable postcard from a very famous children´s book illustrator, Fiep Westendorp

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy 2013 !!!

 Happy New Year!!
Hi, everyone! 
We´ve been spending our hot summer days at home, making short trips to my mother in law´s home, meeting family members we meet once a year and talking a lot and also, we spent some great time at Catavento Cultural, an ongoing exploration of science, art and human perception that feed our curiosity, a great place for kids and adults. 

 Exploring , exploring, exploring...

 Touching a meteorite...

 Dad took a picture of us and

 here is the garden outside the museum with thousand of roses, I love these roses very much!

So, welcome 2013 and I wish you and yours a wonderful year and may all your dreams come true. Cheers!!!