Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy 91 years !!

 Today I went to a birthday party, but, not just a simple party, the lady turned 91 years old and she is as beautiful as she was when I first met her when I was a kid.
I remember going at her house and in the backyard she has this amazing secret garden when she was always surrounded by lots of flowers, trees and everything green and magical for a child´s eyes...

And today we celebrated her 91st birthday with a delicious Paella made by her daughter, my good friend Keiko and all these yummy food you´ll see below.

The second lady from the left, the birthday lady. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

And here she is with one of her grand grand sons!! cute boy, isn´t he?

Have a great weekend and for some of our Brazilian friends, a great holiday, too!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

At the hospital

 In November, the 2nd, César couldn´t sleep and he couldn´t stop coughing so we took him to the hospital and then we stayed right there for 2 nights and 3 days.

 There were terrible days for us, he´s got Bronchiolitis and  I stayed with him and he wasn´t allowed to get out of the room , isolated and only watching TV or sleeping , there weren´t toys so his dad got some from home on the next day.
But I can tell that this Hospital Sabará has surprised us for the excellence of treatment, cleaning, size of the room and private bathroom ideal for babies and toddlers, nice food and friendly nurses and doctors and physiotherapist.

Below  ::  the sign on the door for the visitors asking them to put masks, gloves and apron.

 This is the view from the window, São Paulo city and the sky scrapers, lots of them!

 Here he is, eating some bread and spending his time watching TV, poor boy...

 Kid´s meal and...

Mommy´s breakfast

It was a great experience, we learned a lot about Bronchiolitis that is basically the inflammation of the bronchioles that reduces the amount of air entering the lungs, making it more difficult to breathe. It affects babies and young children and there is no medication to kill the viruses that cause bronchiolitis, but the infection usually clears up within two weeks , in his case he had to do a lot of inhalation which was the terrible part of the treatment.

But I´m very happy to say that now he is feeling well and he is running and playing around the house as usual, phew, what a week!!

Wishing you many wonderful days!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today is Halloween !

 Kids are ready for this funny day of the year, they will walk through the neighborhood asking for trick or treats properly wearing their costumes.

Here are Camila and her friend wearing Pumpkin and Black Widow costumes, don´t they look great?!!

 And I bought lots of freaky Halloween themed treats  and one of them : the tongue becomes blue...

 then we put into plastic bags with black strings , all set !!

Happy Halloween to you!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Friday!

 It´s been a long time I wanted to visit some friend of mine who I´ve met at the blogland and finally on Friday we could meet and she has received me on her beautiful house in the woods. You may see the pictures right here of the yummy cakes and juice she set up for me, just for me!

And here are all the sweet things she made and gave to me, the cutest sheep ever above ( it´s a fragrant candle) and a wildberry jam, you´ll see on the last picture how yummy it was, look at Camila´s picture!

 And she makes adorable soaps like this one, with passion fruit scent, it´s just so cute that I don´t think I will use it! it´s beautifully decorative.

As we walked in the woods we talked about so many things like old friends, I wish I had more time to spend there...
And she took me for a new cafe + bakery that is wonderfully decorated and the coffee is sooo great, and, she asked for a yummy nutella chocolate drink!
I just want to thank her for all the kindness and joy she gave me on this cloudy Friday , it was so unforgettable, thank you Shi!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

pic nic dinner - part two

 So, finally we´ve got home at about 5:30 PM and dinner was served! We took the small picnic package outside , bike and balls to play on the yard.

 Some of the special moments of the boy and girl, he´s giving his snack for his big sister and of course she has to accept!

Now it´s my turn... says the boy ( well, he doesn´t say anything, he just "thinks" himself...)

 This beautiful Steam Locomotive postcard has just arrived from Prague, capital of Czech Republic, isn´t it awesome?  I love it!

And this next one Camila received from Estonia Postcrosser, you can´t believe how big it is! Yes, the size of this postcard is about 15cm x 22cm !!!And it´s so adorable, she wanted me to show you!!

Today it´s very windy and after weeks of no rain, I hope it does today or tomorrow...
Thank you for stopping by and have a great week!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pic nic dinner

 Spring is just around the corner and I just love the idea of going outside and have a Pic Nic Dinner party!!!
Kids are at school right now and I´ve just prepared some easy and simple things for our pic nic :

                                          ::  Carrots, Tuna Sandwich and seedless grapes

:: Apples , Bubbles to play in the yard and Cheese Sticks, delicious!!       

 :: Now it´s all packaged, I added some water and juice because, boy, it´s hot today!!

Oh,  I wanted to show you guys  this cute little monkey that came up in the woods while we were picking some wild berries. Actually we ´ve got pretty scared when it came out from the leaves of the tree, you should´ve seen our faces!!

Well, I´ll pick up my kids in a few minutes and I will tell them about our dinner plan , I hope they have lots of fun playing and eating together outside our house, sometimes it´s nice to do something different, right?  Simple but different...

So, if you do something interesting in your ordinary days, please share it with me , I´d love to hear about your dinner plans!!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Welcome September!

 Hello everybody!
It´s been a while that I´ve been away for lots of reasons, kids were sick, I´ve been organizing the mess and the chaos of my home, it seems that my precious time is so short and blogging has been put away because I really didn´t have the time and opportunity to reach my notebook, believe me or not!

And September has come and I am so happy for that , I love Spring and it´s almost there, but this season´s blessing have already come nearby and I can see flowers and more flowers around my house, orchids are everywhere I look and I feel so blessed.

The kids played after I swept the little seeds that fell of the coconut tree off the ground since they don´t have leaves to play with.

 Still playing in the yard at the end of the day...

Last Saturday my little daughter took part of a chess tournament held in her school and she won a medal that made us so proud of her!!
Now she is taking seriously her chess class  and I don´t have enough words to say how much she makes me happy.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend full of joy and fun!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Welcome August!

 Hi everybody, welcome to August , winter season down here but summer weather , sometimes... and it feels so good when the sun comes up to bless our days, we have this strange season that we wear all kind of clothes in just one day.

I just bought this very cute book that includes some stuff to sewing , many fun pages of making softies, fabric dolls, small goodies that we can make with the kids, just what I was looking for sewing together with my daughter!

 these are the stuff that came inside the "kit de costura" envelope attached to the book. Wonderful , don´t you think?
 Camila has just came back from her trip to the US with my brother and my sister in law and she bought some yummy things in her bag, take a look!
 I asked her to bring these things because it´s so expensive here in our country and we really love them!

And here is baby César, under the warm sun , playing around our yellow house, barefoot. the best thing to do when you´re home!
 and Camila came back asking for fruits, lots of fruits to eat!

 Oh, and I always get this brochure from Maine and it´s so inviting!!! Who knows maybe someday I will visit there again... We love lobsters, lighthouses and nature...
Wishing you all a great weekend ( oh, yes, it´s a little early to say this, I know!) but I guess I´ll be back here only next week, sooo...
Thank you for your visit and taking your time to read all of this! You really mean a lot to me.

Friday, July 13, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Postcards!

 Hi there!
Camila is on school holidays and we´ve been making lots of stuff here at our home, cooking, playing board games and making handmade postcards.
Here it is, we choose some interesting boxes all over the house, especially in the kitchen, there are the most colorful ones! And this one is from a cake mix, it´s very yummy but this time, we really want the box!

 We just need to cut a sheet of paper measuring 10cm x 15cm and I think that rounded corners are cute so we made some like this.
And after making a lot, we decided that we will choose 5 of them to send by (snail) mail for some of our blog readers!! So, just leave a comment and tell us what would you do on holidays when you´re at home, give us some ideas, tips, recipes , anything!
We will also choose great stamps to put on the postcard and we will send "worldwide",hehe!!!

So, good luck to you and thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!!

We will choose the 5 winners on July, 20th.