Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two Brazilian in Japan

After leaving the hot weather of Brazil, 11 hours later we arrived at Zurich airport and it was so beautiful outside with real white Christmas landscape. We stayed for about 2 hours to get into the aircraft again and face more 11, almost 12 hours in it. I was getting tired but this little girl ...

... Swiss Air offered so many cute amenities for her that she was amazed and pleased all the way to Japan! Look at this cute little stuffed airplane !

and also this happy face eating and having fun !

This is just the beginning so, please join us in this trip to JAPAN!!

My parents are Japanese but I confess that sometimes it feels like I am really very Brazilian for all the different culture I find here in Japan not only for the chopsticks or the green tea they drink but for the way they wear, walk, talk, act ...

My dad who lives in Japan now picked us up at the train station of Hamamatsu which is a beautiful city , far from Tokyo but still surrounded by skyscrapers and lots of cars and bicycles and people everywhere.

Then we finally arrived at his home, we will stay for two weeks. Are you ready, guys?

Two days later we decided to go to Kiosato, a highland resort at an altitude of 1300 meters at the northwestern part of Yamanashi near the border of Nagano.

First stop > lunchtime with Mt.Fuji on background

Welcome to Japan!!!