Friday, July 09, 2010

Is there a perfect day?

We had a wonderful time at a little farm near our house , Camila loved riding the horse, breathing some fresh air and visiting a typical old country house which was very interesting.

Here she is, standing in front of the house that was located right after the entrance and then an employee takes us , visitors to know all the animals, activities and things to do .

... milking a cow was an exciting experience for an urban raised kid! Look her happiness...

Me and Camila , a picture taken by a friend we´ve met there.


The days have been warm and the nights very cold ...
I´ve been spending some time sewing, organizing my studio stuff but I can´t show you my little corner because it´s still messy!


among fabrics, mess, yarn, ribbons and buttons, oh, yes, buttons that you already know that I treasure, I took some time making these button rings to myself, oh, by the way, I love rings, too!

and click! Can you see the ring?

Here they are, my new collection, what do you think?

I really love the ceramic button one, I think it´s very original!

And these are adorable and I have already used them!

All these little moments with my kid and making these button rings made my day perfect.

Now you tell me, what´s the "perfect day" for you?

Wishing you all a very sweet and perfect weekend!!