Thursday, June 24, 2010

pottery, food, kitchen

I have a good friend in a far place called Salvador (Bahia state) and she is a lovely and kind person that I will always cherish . The first time we met I still owned a pottery studio and she came to learn about glazes and the first thing I offered her was a cup of tea! She was absolutely polite and she drank the tea but then , later on she told me she hated any kind of tea, see? What we do when we try to be gentle? We drink things we hate, we try to be polite!!!And since then we always laugh about this episode !

And this beautiful hanging doll ( traditional Bahia women dress long white dress with lots of lace , necklaces and a turban on their head) was made by my dear friend Carmen , isn´t it so darling?

She owns a pottery studio in Salvador and if you would like to know the beautiful spot where she is located , please take a look at Atelier Terra e Cor ( she has an English version) and also the wonderful creative and inspiring objects she makes.

Thank you Carmen, for this wonderful gift and the warm message you´ve sent me!

This funny, pretty elephant made by clay is a long time friend . I bought when I visited Milan in Italy many years ago.

These wooden fruits were made by local artisans of Minas Gerais , when I traveled last month with my parents.
I love the brilliant colors and the handmade touch , very simple and creative!

Now, I have to tell you something about Jamie Oliver. I´ve just got the new book ( in Portuguese) from this amazing chef that cooks in a simple way and that´s what I like, simple, basic but still delicious food! And as you know, I am a big big huge fan of the United States and he went to America and wrote about the interesting , classic american food and I have plans, lists of the recipes I´ve found here!

The photo was taken yesterday and it was rainy, dark afternoon and the light was terrible, i am so sorry for this but I HAD to post this! It´s in the kitchen table where I started having lots of inspiration reading this book.

Apple pie: I do love apple pies and when I watch those american cartoons I can almost smell and feel the taste of this amazing dessert!!! The original apple pie is English but the American people transformed it to the one of the symbols of the country.

Beautiful pictures are in this book, too and this little girl´s photograph , isn´t she so cute?
And look what´s she´s about to eat!!! yummy... Chocolate pie!

Unfortunately I don´t know what´s the name in English of most of the food included in this book so I am seriously thinking about buying an English version .

Eggs, I LOVE EGGS and this omelet sounds very yummy and so easy to make. I think this is gonna be my lunch!

Corners of my home: Kitchen

Well, a "part" of it because the rest is so very messy, a big shame I can´t post it here!!

I have some flower pots and I like to cook looking at them and here, I don´t forget to water them! Fruits are always welcome and we love bananas and apples .

Strawberry and tangerine gelatine for my husband , these are zero carbs , for his diet... I like the colors but not the taste of them...

I do prefer Apple Pie!

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday full of joy and peace! Thank you for taking this little trip with me around my house!