Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reading and sewing

These past few days I´ve been reading and sewing and reading on and on ... The quilt I´ve been sewing is ready now ( and I intend to post a photograph later on) and this book: Family Meals - Creating traditions in the kitchen by Maria Helm Siskey ( mine, I bought online at is a great book for everyone who loves cooking with all the family and friends, to be in the kitchen together to make something delicious, simple and easy...

Here you see the quilt in progress, for Camila´s new bed! And the page of the salad I´ve made for my lunch on Friday.

This is the result, I had to make some changes in the recipe because I didn´t have them all but still, it was fresh, colorful and tasteful! And there´s more in this delicious book, the photographs are awesome and my daughter enjoys looking at them and asks me about the recipe of each page because it´s really entertaining and interesting.

Today it´s warm and sunny, the way I like my day. I´m enjoying my Sunday, how about you?

Have a wonderful week !


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sewing afternoon: PJ

After making this PJ´s bag to my daughter I thought I also should have done some pretty PJ for her.
And on Monday patchwork class we came out for this idea and Celia and Ilza told me how to make one in a very simple way , for dummies like me!! And it worked out so smoothly that everyone could really make it!
We picked up one PJ pants ( a ready one ) and then Celia made the pattern and then I did the sewing part.
The best part is the fabric: flannel for a cozy touch, it feels so good and guess what... My little one really appreciated this one!!!
The thing is that now I must make two more for she wears everyday and in rainy days, I can´t get this one dried!
To add a girly touch , we put this Butterfly on a ready made sweater , made some embroidery with her favorite color: navy blue and tadá!!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shining spirits

Is there something related to Slow Food??? So good...

One of my favorite dessert: Fruit Salad - strawberries, apple , mango and some fresh mint leaves! This is really a good way to finish a meal, isn´t it?

Pretty flowers in a simple vase complete the scenario of this little cozy restaurant.

Yummy, what a tasty afternoon!!!

Inside the restaurant...



Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend wonders...

Sunday Morning: Time to organize all Mommy´s buttons by color. I have this very special tiny assistant that does it very well, look at that, she did all by herself!!! Thank you , Camila!

Furniture store, lots of beautiful wooden work , chairs, tables...

Look at this pretty skirt, we bought it at a used clothing shop, we always do that, and this one was so very new!!!! 100% cotton and flower pattern, just beautiful for a Sunday afternoon...

This wooden bench is cozy!

And this one, such a work of art!

Wishing you a wonderful week, oh, and yesterday was Father´s Day here in Brazil !


Thursday, August 06, 2009

For her PJ!

This is Camila´s new PJ´s bag that she can hang on her door or near her bed. It always holds a set of PJ , sleeping socks and her little bunny Branquinha that she loves so much!

I came to this bag idea when I bought Sewing in no time written by Emma Hardy , full of fabulous ideas and colorful photos that I immediately had to make it!

It was fun to make it in one afternoon! I guess it took me more time for choosing the fabrics and its colours than sewing itself .
I really enjoy these easy and quick sewing things ! Ready in 2 hours... Don´t you?


A cozy place to be

This is my friend Celia´s quilt, a magnificent masterpiece! Work in progress.

This is the studio I´ve been spending my Mondays to make and learn patchwork and quilting. Here we learn, laugh, relax, sew a lot, use rottary cutters and quilting machines and fabrics are everywhere but very organized I must say.
I love this place´s special energy for the people that work there and the friendship we´ve been sharing at tea time and sewing time.


Mom´s special

She makes the best tempura I´ve eaten! Mom made these to celebrate my sister in law and my brother´s birthday that were actually in July. The dinner was so great and we could talk and take pictures and eat endlessly!
Yes, we love Japanese Food!


Sunday, August 02, 2009

It´s a yellow Sunday

wood for fireplace or wood oven, maybe to bake some bread and goodies in this winter...

Local food and farmer´s market full of sweet natural things, wine and honey. I can´t resist them!

Yes we have lots of bananas!

artichokes, very famous around here, lots of producers...

Very Brazilian, isn´t it?


Corns, there are so many ways to cook them. What do you make in your kitchen with them?

Pumpkins and yellow, orange color everywhere. I really like that!

Wishing you a delightful day and week!


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bye Bye July

Wooden toys sailing the newest boat made by Camila with the Brazilian flag that she made herself.

Some of my studio corner I want to show you...

My new work: Circles

Some embroidery and appliqué technique has been used on this work.

Choosing the right color... , oh , hard job!

This is my messy lovely drawer full of treasure!
I can not believe I´m showing this mess to all of you!!! Excuse me...

The other corner I spend most of my time in the studio. The table with the fantastic Olfa self healing cutting mat.

I´m sorry for this horrible light, I mean there wasn´t any decent natural light. Anyway...

By color: Pink

RED!! always RED. I heart Polka Dots!!!

The corner of the working table, no space for anything else. I need some more hours in a day to organize my sewing room.

Red boxes with pretty tags! And bugs! Thank you Sweet Bug!!

So this is August and we´ve been busy these days under lots of rain , indoor playing, watching DVD, cooking, making toys and sewing which I really love and I decided to take some pictures of the latest work I´m totally obsessed!

I´m making a little quilt, maybe to hang on the wall to decorate and to bring some warmth into our room with some orange, yellow and those beautiful shades of gold... it makes me feel good just because I look at them, isn´t it simple? And I rejoice in the feeling of the Spring to come... Please , please, please, come soon!