Thursday, April 29, 2010


9 o´clock in the morning, driving up to Minas and heading directly to the town I was born, so exciting to get back to a place that I left a long time ago, how I miss the blue sky and the gentle people and the simple life , friends, old friends of my dad...

First stop: The house we used to live in Lavras city , a small town that´s growing up faster now
I was 2 years old when I left to go to live in São Paulo but my dad stayed there for more 13 years and every holiday I got back to spend my days with my dad , the best memories I have from my childhood: go fishing , playing with my dogs and playing with kites with my brother, looking up to the sky and counting the stars were one of the hundreds of outside playing I remember so dearly!

Vicente is my dad´s good old friend who is a real artist, makes wonderful wooden toys like this train and...
here it is , his working corner with some of his creations , aren´t they cute? the dolphins, the cubes and the puzzle

And the studio...

And some other toys ...

Having lots and lots of conversation ...

And finally, Wednesday is over, I´m at the hotel now in this room and my parents are beside , yes we are separate because I go to sleep late after writing the blog, playing my farm stuff, reading e-mails and so on and so forth...

Day 2 - A short trip to Tiradentes, Bichinho and Prados in Minas Gerais State which I strongly recommend to you if you come to Brazil or especially if you live here!!!

Landing up to the Main Church

Home made goodies shop, yummy!!!

Listed as Brazil´s cultural heritage, Tiradentes city is one of the Portuguese Vilas of Brazil´s XVIII century Gold Cycle

Entrance to artist Oscar Araripe´s studio which I like a lot for his colorful paintings and brilliant ideas!

Windows, don´t you just love them? And these were so eye catching for the lace curtains hung inside and the little white cross hanging on the door

And old door knob and door lock, the background green color is so very beautiful

Bichinho is a smaller villa near Tiradentes and there are hundreds of art studios like Oficina de Agosto and other shops like this , shown above.

Another curious place to visit : Museu do Automóvel da Estrada Real, we could feel like in the time machine, looking at old beautiful cars , Bel Air 1956, Buick Phaeton 1928, Ford, Chevrolet and many more.

Amazing culinary tradition like this trooper´s food that´s so very typical in this town and it´s definitely on my list of the favorites!!!

And the day is over now, after visiting and taking pictures of wonderful scenes , art, metal and wooden stuff, my heart is full of joy, being a couple of days away from home feels so good , I can hear my thoughts, put some organization in my mind and then I feel more centered but... I also miss my dear little girl that stayed with my brother and the precious companionship of my husband. I wish I could talk to him right now .

Thank you for following me on this trip.

Wishing you the merriest of days as you reflect on what was your childhood, the good old friends, the smell of your grandma cooking your favorite cake or just take your time and talk to who you love, about the past or to look forward to what is yet to come.